Casey Fyfe

A great photographer and an even better friend.It's not every day you get to make a new best friend, especially once you've left behind University and regular 9-5 office jobs, which is why I'll forever be grateful that my path crossed with Casey Fyfe's. We've been friends ever since we were forced to meet in San Francisco and now that she's back in LA, I get to enjoy watching her grow and create art in a new landscape. 


And even more recently, she's started a new venture as Chandler. That's right, a Chandler. I had to look this up to be doubly sure, but according to, a Chandler is defined as "One who makes or sells candles" and that's exactly what Miss Fyfe has set out to do with JustFyfe. They're delicious creations and if you don't know which flavor you want most, you can buy a sample set of mini candles that are perfect for traveling with if you like to remove the dank smell from your hotel room, assuming you're like me an have frequented overcrowded hostels and Hotel 6 in your time. If you're staying in the Four Season's, why not splash out and buy one of the bigger candles and help a local craftswoman out.