Recent health care reforms show more companies than ever are proactively looking for ways to support the wellbeing of their employees — and what better way than yoga? In addition to serving the function of both body and mind, yoga is a practice that can be done with very little space, minimal equipment, and an avoidable wardrobe change in a desk-format.
— Tevis Troner, Huffington Post


Having worked in Marketing for some years in the corporate world, it didn't take long before I realized how instrumental work place incentives can be as an employee. Not only did desk-life negatively impact my physical health and wellbeing, but it also took it's toll on my mental health too. In the last corporate job that I had, I was there for two years and couldn't figure out why I was feeling so depressed and unproductive all of the time. It wasn't until I started making Yoga a primary focus of my work week that I started to see improvements in my mood, my work flow, and in my posture. Of course there are other workouts that you can do to counter the impacts of working indoors and sitting in a chair for too long, but the holistic nature of Yoga can do so much more than that. Aligning mind, body, and soul, an integrative approach to yoga in the corporate setting can boost employee morale and increase productivity. So it's a win win for the company and for the workforce.



Thankfully you don't need a lot of space to teach yoga, so as long as you have a conference room, a lunch room, or an outdoor space, we can make it work. I'll bring the props, you just provide the students. I can also help with marketing assets that have proven successful in the past, encouraging employees to get involved. I take an integrative approach to the teaching as I want it to feel good for all body types and for all mind sets. So it is not my goal to convert your employees to the practice, in fact it doesn't matter if they never take a class outside of the office, the point is to just get people moving so that they feel embodied so that they're able to make mindful decisions on a daily basis.



So if you're interested in developing a Corporate Wellness program within your company or if you just want to start integrating Yoga into a pre-existing wellness program, please contact me using the link below or call me on 949.287.9499.