The following is a list of studios that I teach or assist regular public classes for. I host a range of classes from Level 1-3, mostly in a Vinyasa Flow style taken from my YogaWorks background. Vinyasa Flow combines the unique strength of an Iyengar style, with the flow of an Ashtanga class so that you can build strength, fluidity, and alignment.

Please note that the schedules are subject to change so it is best to check with the studio prior to booking a class. I do my best to keep the list updated but if you want notifications straight to your inbox for any new classes I pick up, or if my classes are being subbed for any reason, please sign up to the newsletter here.


The Dharma Project 

Vinyasa Flow 2 

  • Tuesdays 6PM - 7:20PM
  • Thursdays 6:30AM - 8AM, 9AM - 10AM
  • Saturdays 9AM - 10:20AM
  • Sundays 9AM - 10:20AM

Named for my late brother, Ty Dallas Phillips, The Dharma Project (TDP) studio is based out of my home in Malibu. Referral's only, please contact me using the form below if you would like to come along to a class.


YogaWorks Main Street


Assisting Vinyasa Flow 2/3 (Mia Togo)

  • Wednesdays 4:15PM - 5:40PM



If you are a student of yoga, or want to be, and have any questions or concerns regarding the style or level of class, please use the contact form below to make an enquiry. Or if there is a studio or time of day you wish that I had a class at, please let me know.

Likewise, if you are a studio and would like to book me on your schedule for a guest appearance or for a regular class, please use the link below to send me a message.